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Tetraethyl orthosilicate (TEOS) is used as a base raw material for the production of macromolecular silicones, organosilicons, and silicone modifications in polymers. The reaction products derived from TEOS are further processed to create coupling agents, dispersants, and very durable resins for use in surface protection, especially for outdoor applications.

TEOS possesses several properties that make it valuable for various applications:

  • Heat resistance: TEOS is used as a precursor in heat-resistant coatings and chemical-resistant coatings. It contributes to the formation of coatings that can withstand high temperatures and resist chemical degradation.

  • Hydrophobicity: When applied directly to mineral substrates, TEOS creates a protective coating of silica-gel, resulting in a strong and water-repellant surface.

  • Solubility: TEOS is slightly soluble in water but soluble in ethanol and ether, making it suitable for various solution-based processes and formulations.

  • Precursor for silicon-based materials: TEOS is a key precursor in the production of silica-based materials, such as optical glass, xerogels, and ultra-fine silica.

  • Silane coupling agent: TEOS acts as a silane coupling agent, helping to improve the adhesion between organic materials and inorganic surfaces.

  • Semiconductor applications: TEOS is used as a precursor in chemical vapor deposition (CVD) processes to deposit silicon dioxide thin films in the semiconductor industry.

  • Insulating material: TEOS finds use as an insulating material in the electronics industry.

  • Binder and catalyst: TEOS can serve as a binder and catalyst skeleton in various applications, including precision casting and modification of anticorrosive coatings.

  • Organic synthesis: TEOS is used as an intermediate in organic synthesis.

Test Item

Target Values(Spec, Limits)


Colorless Transparent Liquid

Chemical name

Crosile® SI28

Crosile® SI32

Crosile® SI40

SiO2 Content




Flash Point

181°C 38°C Min.62°C

Boiling Point




Refractive Index




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