R105 Rosin Resin: Road Marking Paint Apr 16, 2024

Ecopowr new material has launched a special rosin resin product designed for road marking paint—R105. With its unique technological charm, this rosin resin brings a whole new change to road marking paint.

R105 rosin resin for Hot Melt Road-Marking, with its special chemical structure, provides excellent adhesion and bonding strength for road marking paint. It can tightly adhere to the road surface, ensuring the durability and stability of the markings. Whether facing harsh weather conditions or complex road environments, R105 maintains stable performance, providing long-lasting protection for road markings.


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Appearance & Color


Softening Point (R&B)℃


Acid value.(mg KOH/g)


Solubility in Benzene(1:1)


R105 rosin resin also boasts outstanding gloss and waterproof properties. It enhances the glossiness of the markings, making them more visible and improving nighttime driving safety. Additionally, R105 effectively prevents water penetration, enhancing the durability of the markings, even in humid environments, maintaining clear lines.

Furthermore, R105 rosin resin has filling and thickening functions. It can fill in tiny pores in the road marking paint, making the surface smoother. Moreover, R105 increases the viscosity of the paint, ensuring uniformity and stability during application, preventing paint loss and dripping.

R105 rosin resin also exhibits excellent anti-corrosion, insulation, and adhesive properties. It effectively prevents corrosion and damage to the markings, prolonging their lifespan. Additionally, the insulation properties of R105 protect electrical facilities, enhancing the safety of road markings.

With its outstanding performance and versatility, R105 rosin resin becomes a technological favorite in the field of road marking paint. It not only improves adhesion, glossiness, and waterproofing of the markings but also offers filling, thickening, anti-corrosion, and insulation functions. By using R105 rosin resin, road marking paint can better meet the demands of modern traffic, ensuring safe and smooth driving. We look forward to R105 rosin resin playing a greater role in the field of road marking paint, contributing more to the development of urban transportation.

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